CONGRATULATIONS to everyone’s “Uncle Andy” on 60 years as an educator in customer service sales! Here is a mini-doc about what Uncle Andy has done every day for over 60 years. If you are having a “real estate emergency” give him a call.

Our world renowned Express Auction Method – FREE continuing education programs provide you with a terrific “Plan B” and … We don’t just split 5% with you. You actually receive a 50/50 split of what is normally a 10% negotiated buyer paid commission for a full 5% to you after the split.

You don’t give away your listing to us. We work with you. You keep your listing.
With our world renowned Real Estate !nnovator education programs, 
Realtors, trained for free as
Real Estate Auction Agents will now be able to handle any Real Estate Emergency,
no matter 
how small or large and you get 5% in-office after split and keep your listing.

There is never a fee or a cost to you ~ only a terrific commission and more business.

Your Agents; trained, educated and designated for free as Real Estate Auction Agents can now:
- Convert FSBOs to a 5% deal in-office after split with your company’s name!
- Convert investor properties to a 5% in-office after split deal with your company’s name!
- Convert builder’s buyers present home to a 4% in-office after split deal with your company’s name (builder gets 2% co-op.)


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 Our Real Estate Emergency Room program is your listing presentation “Plan B”. Our world renowned Accelerated Marketing Plan recognized as a Swanepoel Real Estate Innovator Program which keeps your listing in your office and you receive a 50/50 split of what is normally a negotiated 10% Buyer’s Premium which is 5% (after split) in-pocket commission. 

Full Service Real Estate Office?

Your full service real estate office has residential, commercial, land, property management, mortgage, appraisal, closing services, home warranty, insurance, relocation, training and title divisions made your office a “full service real estate office” one-stop marketplace for real estate. You would never consider giving away a client for any of these services.

Why would you give away your listing for 1% from an unaffiliated auction company?

With completely free designation as a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA), you may now offer your professional real estate services “Plan B” to: divorce lawyers, estate lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, foreclosure attorneys, CPAs and accountants, property managers, mortgage companies, senior transition companies and more.

You keep your transaction credit and transaction fee when your agents (trained and professionally designated as Real Estate Auction Agents – REAA) sell their “real estate emergency” listings from your in-office co-branded Express Auction Division.

- You receive a 50/50 split of what is normally a negotiated 10% Buyer’s Premium
which is 5% in-pocket to your brokerage.

- We train, manage and maintain your in-office Express Auction Division
at your full service real estate office.

- No fee training and professional designation for all Realtors and Brokers as
Professional Real Estate Auction Agents (REAA).

- Your listing is sold in 30 days from your company’s branded in-office Express Auction Division
with your agents guiding their life long clients/friends through our programs

 “According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors, the future of the real estate
auction business may be heading toward one in every three [1/3] properties being sold or influenced
using an auction listing. If that’s the case, any brokers looking for new opportunities to generate additional revenues, might want to consider opening an [in-office] auction division.” – Robert Albanese (

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All commissions and buyers premiums are fully negotiable.

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