The Professional Real Estate Auction Agent and REAA Emissary Program


An Emissary is “a trusted and faithful agent who is sent on mission of passion for another.” Emissaries have been utilized as personal and professional representatives (or agents) for thousands of years.

The Real Estate Auction Industry is wide reaching. When you think of auctions, of course you think of the Express Auctioneer. The Express Auctioneer is the person up on stage gathering the attention of the crowd. The mighty rhythmic chant of the Express Auctioneer brings attention of the assembled buyers to where the business of the auction day is conducted. Nothing else matters when the he is chanting.

Before the sale starts, the Express Auctioneer is busy getting everything ready so that the sellers may get the best price for their home or property. After the gavel falls, the Express Auctioneer is busy once again, filling out paperwork to ensure that the sale goes through without a hitch. With a nod of her head, the Express Auctioneer is off to the next Express Auction. (Sometimes 10 or more in a day)


The Express Auctioneer might seem superhuman, but not really. She is not alone. She has an emissary.

The person who informs the sellers from day one; the trusted emissary to the Express Auctioneer, is also the passionate and faithful ambassador for the Auctioneer to The National Association of REALTORS®, National Auctioneers Association and the public at large. The “agent” we are speaking of is the Professional Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA).

As primary agent for the Professional Express Auctioneer, the REAA (normally a Real Estate Agent) is truly an emissary for the Real Estate Auction Industry. No one else is as trained and knowledgeable of the industry, its policies, its people, its mission.

The primary mission of the REAA is to educate and inform potential clients about the sometimes emotional, but always “soft sell” aspects of the modern day Express Auction. Her job is to lighten the load of a seller, because when the seller has a property for sale and has to get it sold, their entire life is on hold.

As a day to day spokesperson for the Auction Industry, we are proud that Professional Real Estate Auction Agents are taught to be emissaries from day one. As new REAA’s, their emissarial education to the Auction Industry only begins. Through a constant and consistent continuing education program, they learn “the ropes” of Express Auctioneering as they become knowledgeable in all aspects of “the Express Auction Event”.

Some REAA’s are content to be in “person to person” sales. This is great. Some want to become more diverse in their knowledge as a way to enhance their capabilities.

We take great pride in their continued successes.

We always hear that the “as-is; where-is” contract is the most powerful part of the Express Auction sale. This might be true in a legal sense. We know, however that truly the most powerful part of the Express Auction sale is the Professional Real Estate Auction Agent; emissary for the Real Estate Auction Industry and to the public at large.

Golden Emissary Award

Each year in December, Express Auctioneers awards their renowned “Golden Emissary Award” to the Real Estate Professional who; in our eyes and the eyes of the Auction Industry most well represents the Express Auction, Express Auctioneers and the Professional Real Estate Auction Agent in the finest manner. Past awardees have included sales, marketing, management and technical professionals from within and outside of Express Auctioneers LLC. If you meet a Golden Emissary Award recipient, know that you are in the midst of greatness in the eyes of the Auction Industry. They are they guiding inspiration for the customer service, integrity and emissarial design and implementation of The Express Auction Method, national Professional Real Estate Auction Agent program and professional Real Estate Sales and Marketing programs of Express Auctioneers LLC.

What exactly is a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent?

– A Professional Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA) is a Real Estate Professional who is licensed in the United States and Canada, to negotiate and arrange Express Auction sales and works directly with a Licensed Express Auctioneer.

– Trained utilizing The Express Auction Method (TEAM), Professional REAA’s negotiate, arrange and can show Express Auction properties, list Express Auction properties, fill out Express Auction contracts and list agreements.

– The Professional REAA works with Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, lawyers, CPA’s, accountants, property managers, real estate professionals and individual property owners to sell properties via The Express Auction Method as an alternative to the traditional real estate sale.

– The Express Auctioneer completes the sale contract.

Can I make money as a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent?

– Professional REAA’s earn excellent and rapid commissions from Express Auction sales which end in a settlement!

How do I become a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent?

– Anyone Real Estate Agent may become a licensed Professional REAA. We are offering this program as a professional designation to Professional Real Estate Agents. No college degree is required. All testing and continuing education is completely free and will be accomplished online at our website. (Courses and continuing education will be available for your PC, laptop, Android, IPod, IPhone and any other java based hand-held device.)

– We offer our Free Professional REAA online course and test here. You may take the Professional REAA course and test anonymously and at your own pace via a laptop, desktop, IPod, IPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or any Java enabled device for free! Fax us the test answer sheet and we will grade it. Absolutely NO fees for anything!

– Professional Real Estate Auction Agents are licensed in all 50 United States, territories, and Canada. Your license is fully transferable and you won’t have to take any reciprocity testing if you move out of state or country. (You will have to check with state and local authorities to ensure that there are no new requirements in effect. Let us know if there are any in your area. Thanks.)

– Professional Real Estate Auction Agents are licensed to operate under the supervision of an Express Auctioneer.

Is it really a soft sell?

– Yes. Take the course and test for free and find out for yourself! More than  a soft sell, it is a Listing Presentation, Plan B, when everybody else only has a Plan A.



All commissions are negotiable. We 50/50 split of fees. Auction company uses a buyers premium that generally is 10% added to the bid amount. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Inclusion in our programs is at the sole discretion of the auctioneer and without recourse. Your costs and expenses might differ. See website for details.Funds disbursed to broker within 3 business days of closing or less.

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