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The best in-pocket net in real estate is also the best FREE designation in real estate!

A winning “Plan B” for your listing presentation, handling real estate emergencies,

and “double your net – or more” after split in pocket! You keep your listing and listing credit.

You never give away your hard won listing to another company for auction.

It stays in your full service office’s Express Auction Division.


 “According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors, the future of the real estate auction  business may be heading toward one in every three properties being sold or influenced using an auction listing. If that’s the case, any  brokers looking for new opportunities to generate additional revenues, might want to consider opening an auction division.” – Robert Albanese, World Famous Real Estate Strategist

If you have been doing the same thing – you are probably getting the same results. If you wanted to step out of the box you are in; now is the time – “double your net – or more” is the reason.

Our world renowned; free professional real estate agent designation and marketing programs provide you with a “one of a kind Plan B” which will make your listing presentation outshine your competitors. Remember – your competitors ONLY have a Plan A.

We have NO competition. Highest commissions in the industry – double your net or more after split and unlimited professional growth.

Real estate agent professional designations are known for rules, regulations, licenses, paperwork, costs and fees.

We add a “no” every time we see the word “cost” and an “r” every time we see “fee” and it becomes – “no cost” and completely “free” (as it should be) – and double your net – or more!

Well, if what we are offering is “no cost”, completely “free” AND you can make double your net – or more with little paperwork and you get paid fast!

Double your net – or more – this must truly be the “Best Job in Real Estate” and in the world! (It is.)


The Express Auction Method (TEAM) makes selling a lot more real estate fast, fun and “double your net – or more” profitable!

Have you noticed how the buyer and seller contracts keep getting longer and longer? Our seller contract is 1 page long. Our buyer contract is 1/2 of a page long. You have no open houses or showings.

All of our sales are “as-is” and the Express Auctioneer handles all the regulations. (Which are few.) You keep your listing in your office and never give it away to anyone.

Just take our free and no obligation course and test located on this website and fax or email us the answers. Done! Let’s get selling and help some people move on with their lives.

Over the last 30 years we have designed “The Best Job in Real Estate” and are making it available to a select agents trained and designated as Professional “Real Estate Auction Agents” (REAA) in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC and Delaware.


Double your net! This is truly “The Best Job in Real Estate”. – Larry A. Makowski –
30 Year NAR Member,  Auctioneer. 

Here are some of the great things that make being an Professional REAA “The Best Job in Real Estate!”.

1. The NAR stated recently: “Home auctions are on the rise: According to, a real estate auction Web site, from January to September of 2011 there have been 96,388 residential auctions posted on its site. Compared to last year’s 50,412home auctions [almost doubled] during the same time frame, that’s a 48 percent increase.”- Realtor Mag

Realtors can train for free to become designated as a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA).

2. “According to a study done by the National  Association of Realtors, the future of the real estate auction  business may be heading toward one in every three properties being sold or influenced using an auction listing. If that’s the case, any  brokers looking for new opportunities to generate additional revenues, might want to consider opening an auction division.” – Robert Albanese, World Famous Real Estate Strategist

We are the ONLY company the trains Realtors to become designated as Professional Real Estate Auction Agents in the USA – FREE.

3. Express Auctioneers is the first and only company to create “double your net” in-office co-branded auction divisions in the United States. Any other real estate auction company will take over the agent’s hard won listing and give them normally less than 2% referral fee. When they sign over their listing, they do not get the listing credit. With our programs the agent keeps the listing in their office. With our programs, their office receives the listing and sales credit.

We have been recognized as a Swanepoel Real Estate Innovator company (This is the highest honor in worldwide real estate; like JD Powers is to automobiles and The Heisman Trophy is to football or the Oscar is to motion pictures. The only difference it that real estate is a multi TRILLION dollar industry compared to those quaint billion dollar industries.) We are the first and only Maryland based company to ever be recognized as such. Other Swanepoel Innovator companies include, RE/MAX, Century 21, Redfin, Keller Williams.

4. Since the NAR says that 1/3 of all listings will be sold at auction and we are the only company in the USA that trains and professionally designates Realtors as professional “Real Estate Auction Agents” – we are the only company that can provide our exclusive service with such a terrific “double your net – or more” after split to the agent.

You keep your listing and listing credit. We perform the Express Auction in your brokerage’s name.

5. You will now have brand new revenue streams that you have never been able to approach before. Check out our list here.

The potential for your sales funnel is virtually unlimited. Your only competition will be the number of hours in a day.

6. None of our Professional REAAs have ever paid a single fee or cost of any kind for any training or designation. Ever.


7. Instead of waiting for months and months to be paid your commission, our sales occur in about 30 days and closing in another 30 days.

Repeat – Our deals take 30 days to sell and about 30 days to close. As-is with no fixups or contingencies – at all!

8. All of our training and continuing education is online and you can watch training videos at your leisure. The more you want to learn, the more training you can take.

For free. Forever!

9. We are a mobile and paperless cloud based, “real estate technology”, real estate marketing company with our new headquarters conveniently located off of I-95 inside the Baltimore Beltway. Someone at headquarters will always be there to help you through the hoops.

It’s actually fun and easy to earn a better living as an Professional REAA.

10. If you have a history of being an independent/interdependent Real Estate Salesperson, this is the ground floor opportunity that always went to the other person.

We will train you almost word for word in how to successfully market our programs. Our REAA handbook is just about 45 pages long. That’s all. We stick with you until you are more than comfortable explaining our process and procedures.

11. Now it is your chance to offer the programs of a world renowned real estate auction technology and marketing company and make truly unlimited commission – adding to your bottom line. If you always wanted to get to the next level of your real estate career – this is it! Give us a call. Did we mention – “double your net – or more” after split.

You might want to take our free and no obligation course first. Then we will have more to talk about.

12. This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Our thought has always been that we want to help people move on with their lives and handle their real estate emergencies. We’ve created a terrific set of absolutely free and no obligation programs that accomplish just that. If you are a driven person of integrity, it will show through to your clients and us. Before you leave the site, check out “The List“. It is a list of opportunities and it’s calling!

13. What is my territory? Do you have any exclusive territories?

You can pick your own territory and the type of opportunities you wish to persue. You can create your own leads in numerous ways that we will explain. We do not have exclusive territories because there are so many unique opportunities in each area. 

Disclaimer: Equal Opportunity. This is a commissioned sales opportunity. Like any independent sales agent career, we do not offer any type of benefits. Remember that “the harder you work, the luckier you get!” The interpretation of the auctioneer is final and without recourse.

Take our completely free, zero obligation REAA course. (3-4 hours online) Fax the test results to us. We’ll give you a call or you can call us. Let’s help good people solve their real estate emergencies together.

Special Training Note: To schedule your free in-office Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA) training for 6 or less agents per session, please contact us at the number below. Dates are going quickly, so call soon. Class takes 3-4 hours with breaks and light snacks. We are now booking for 2015.

Dennis 410-852-6928

Map to our Headquarters HERE. Call ahead. We might out training new agents or selling properties.



All commissions are negotiable. We 50/50 split of fees. Auction company uses a buyers premium that generally is 10% added to the bid amount. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Inclusion in our programs is at the sole discretion of the auctioneer and without recourse. Your costs and expenses might differ. See website for details.Funds disbursed to broker within 3 business days of closing or less.