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These two posts are from 2008 and 2010. They are a good example of “Agent Marketing & Costs” from our “double your net” graphic on our home and Agent pages. We kept our example purposely median. It cannot take into account every single cost, but we have asked numerous agents and the price is mid-stream and reasonable. The cost for print advertising has skyrocketed in the last 3-4 years. We make ZERO off of our Express Auction seller marketing investment. This is the money that our seller pays for marketing and advertising their individual property. (Depending on the DMA, a seller marketing investment example ranges from about $2500 for Baltimore and $3500 for Washington DC/Northern Virginia and about $3500 for northern New Jersey and NYC and Los Angeles. This is for listings from 100k – 600k. Above 600k we normally accept 1.5%. Quad sale investor marketing ranges from $595 – $795 per property when utilizing an ExpressAuction Quad Sale detailed HERE.) We even provide a detailed report upon request. There are no more wholesale advertising costs even for long term customers. Link to original content HERE. Link to closing cost calculator HERE.

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Staging costs from HERE and HERE. Of course your costs and fees could be a lot more or a lot less:

Consider this: The average professional home staging costs between three and five thousand dollars. Professionally staged homes sell in an average of 35 days (compared to 175 days for non-staged homes), according to Most homeowners who are selling their home reduce the price of their home after about a month on the market, and the first price reduction is on the order of ten percent. So on a $200,000 home, the first price reduction is $20,000. If the home had been professionally staged for five thousand dollars and sold within its first month on the market, the homeowner would have been $15,000 in the black. Certainly a good return on investment!

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