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Real Estate Company Offers Double Your Net – Or More For Each Deal Using Their World Renowned Programs

PRLogDec. 19, 2014SEVERNA PARK, Md.Our renowned programs allow Real Estate Agents to make double their net or more on each deal. Bottom line.” stated Dennis Buettner, marketing director for world renowned Express Auctioneers. “On a 300k traditional real estate deal, 6% listing agents will net $7,500.00 after marketing and advertising costs. On the same deal using The Express Auction Method (TEAM), the listing stays at the brokerage and agent will net $15,000.00 (double) after expenses. With The Express Auction Method, there are no marketing and advertising costs to the agent. The listing is sold in 30 days, “as-is” with no fix-ups, price reductions or closing costs. On a 300k traditional real estate deal, 5% listing agents will net $6,000.00 after marketing and advertising costs. On the same deal using The Express Auction Method, the listing stays at the brokerage and agent will net $15,000.00 (actually 2 ½ times their net) after expenses.

“According to a study done by the National Association of REALTORS®, the future of the real estate auction  business may be heading toward one in every three properties being sold or influenced using an auction listing. If that’s the case, any brokers looking for new opportunities to generate additional revenues, might want to consider opening an auction division.” – Robert Albanese, World Famous Real Estate Strategist
“Our renowned Swanepoel Real Estate Innovator company (see below) is the first and only real estate technology and marketing company to designate Real Estate Agents for free as Real Estate Auction Agents (REAA) and emplace no cost, no fee Express Auction Divisions in real estate offices on the east coast and soon across the country. We are the only company in the country to provide double your net – or more auction services that keep the listing in the brokerage’s name.” said Buettner. “We are also the first and only real estate company to provide an absolutely free; no cost professional real estate designation as Real Estate Auction Agent. There is no cost and will never be a cost for the professional designation and all future continuing education. All of our free training is provided online and in person at our headquarters or the brokerage.”

         By training Real Estate Agents (for free) as Professional Real Estate Auction Agents (REAA) and emplacing our free in-office Express Auction programs in a growing number of regional real estate offices, Real Estate Agents can now have a ‘Plan B’ marketing and sales program. We are proud to say that we are signing on new Real Estate Brokerages as quickly as we can get the affiliate agreements out. Now, Real Estate Agents are able to handle “Real Estate Emergencies” utilizing The Express Auction Method as a ‘Plan B’ option to the traditional sale. This allows the Real Estate Agents to continually work with their seller during The Express Auction Method. Our Real Estate Agents, professionally designated (for free) as Real Estate Auction Agents never have to give away their lifelong seller and their trust to an unaffiliated auction company. They walk; hand in hand with their trusted seller through our programs, keeping the listing credit and fee. We proudly provide a 50/50 split of the negotiated commission; doubling their net – or more. There is no other company in the country that does this.

Swanepoel Trends Report

     “In the 2011 edition of the annual Swanepoel Trends Report (, Express Auctioneers is listed with seven other new business models, identified as potential game changing companies.” stated Stefan Swanepoel, CEO of Real Sure, Inc. “America has always admired entrepreneurs willing to bet on his or her abilities to find a path to success and these innovative companies should be commended for taking on the challenge. Express Auctioneers is the only company that provides an [in-office] auction service to existing real estate brokerage companies and it will be interesting to watch their growth.” Other Swanepoel Real Estate Innovator companies include RE/MAX, Century 21, EXiT, Keller Williams and Redfin.

Express Auctioneers LLC.

     Express Auctioneers LLC, is a visionary,  Real Estate !nnovator, 30 year Real Estate Auction firm founded by Mr. Larry A. Makowski, AARE, CAI, CES, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Auctioneer. Having participated in over 25,000 Express Auctions throughout the Eastern United States, Express Auctioneers is renowned for creating and managing the first and only in-office real estate auction training, and sales programs throughout the USA. 

Real Estate !nnovators – by Express Auctioneers is the first and only free turnkey in-office real estate auction division training, education, professional designations and management programs available in the United States and Canada. Real Estate !nnovators manages and provides all program services including training and professionally designating Real Estate Agents, brokers and staff as Real Estate Auction Agents (REAA) and use of our licensed brands including The Express Auction Method (TEAM) for residential, commercial real estate and asset liquidation. 

Real Estate !nnovators
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