Minority Business Enterprise

 Express Auctioneers has a 30+ year commitment to providing Small, Minority, Women, and Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) an opportunity to thrive as preferred providers of The Express Auction Method (TEAM).
   Special note: Uncle Andy (US Army) and I, Dennis Buettner (US Navy) are veterans and my company; Real Estate Innovators, Inc. is a TEAM Preferred Provider, woman owned business.
   Integrating our Express Auctioneers SMWBE preferred providers with small, medium, large and international real estate companies has always been forefront in Larry’s business opportunity plan. He has been a proud advocate by action for inclusion and commitment to his community since way before the state and federal government offered their assistance.
A Brief History of Minority Business Enterprise

The history of minority business enterprises and their development goes all the way back to 1969 with an Executive Order signed by President Nixon. This Executive Order created the Office of Minority Business Enterprise and the Advisory Council for Minority Business Enterprise. In the inaugural year of the program, these agencies partnered with the Census Bureau to survey Minority-Owned Business Enterprises across the U.S.. Sparked by the first Executive Order, numerous Executive Orders followed that expanded and developed the Minority Business Enterprise program and the supporting organizations. Today, the Minority Business Enterprise Program is led by the Minority Business Development Agency. Additionally, minority owned companies must now go through a thorough certification process to operate under the title of MBE and participate in the resulting benefits. Additionally, the MBDA and Census Bureau continue to partner in studying the development of minority-owned businesses. A recent study by the MBDA and the U.S. Census Bureau was performed in 2010. Original content HERE.

To read more about benefits and incentives for working with a SMWBE, and why large companies should choose SMWBE click here and here for pdf files that you may forward to your team.

Note: Due to the increasing cost of independent certification for a MBE startup, up to $2500.00 or more, we (along with numerous other companies) now provide completely free and thorough in-house vetting and certification of all MBE Candidate Companies as a part of participation in our Express Auctioneers Preferred Reseller Program. Normally certification for state programs are free.  Affidavits of certification are available upon request.

– Dennis

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