The Next Big Thing in Real Estate? Heck yeah!

If everyone is doing the same thing; the same results will be divided among everyone. Every agent has been told to use social media.

Agents use WordPress, YouTube/Video Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing,
Social Networking,, and more. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on professional agent
designations and recurring fees only to be designation rich and wallet poor. Our designations change all that. Everything
we offer is completely free with no yearly fees renewals or costs. Best part – you get “double your net – or more!”

Every agent seems to be getting the same equally divided results. It was big at first, but not anymore.

Everyone has jumped onto “short sales” bandwagon, but since everyone has gotten in to short sales, the
results are starting to be evened out among the group. What is going to be “The Next Big Thing in Real Estate”?

Imagine if you could get hot leads from current, new or previously unattainable clients that will easily turn into “double your net
– or more” deals with a program that will last for the next 50 years or more. The NAR says that 1/3 of all real estate will soon be sold
at auction and that brokerages that want to remain profitable MUST have an in-office auction division.

(Don’t sign away your deals to an unaffiliated auction in their name for company for 1%.)


Our “new” program destined to become “The Next Big Thing in Real Estate”, has been providing agents and brokers hot leads and deals
that “double their net 
– or more” for over 25 years with close to a billion in sales. Express Auctioneers is the first and only company that
provides world renowned, “The Express Auction Method” (TEAM) as a “Plan B” option to the traditional Real Estate transaction.



Along with our FREE designations which brings you awesome leads that easily bring “double your net – or more”, we are your
free Real Estate Coaching Team. We provide free marketing for you, with never any fees. We also provide video marketing
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